Thank you for taking the time to visit my webpage. My love of photography comes from a love of Wharfedale and the wonderful places I have visited in Yorkshire since childhood.

I hope through this page I am able to show the beauty of Otley and the surrounding areas near and far.

My friend Sharon Kenyon and I have recently launched a series of greetings cards which we are selling on behalf of the  Otley based Hug on a Tray initiative. This aims to provide drinks , refreshments and where possible free TV access for patients on wards 88 and 89 of the Bexley Wing of St James Hospital  These are available from Sharon and myself and we hope to have several regular outlets in the local area. The greetings cards can be view on the Goldring Cards tab of the webpage.

Im thrilled to now include Sharon’s photos on here , its a joy to have a new pair of eyes seeing the world around us.

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